Show Time – Epilogue

My very first art show is coming to an end this week at Goat Patch Brewery in Colorado Springs (2727 N. Cascade Ave, Suite 123) and I have to say, it was a great success!  I sold several pieces, have two new commissions, and another show because of the November show. What a thrill it was to go into the brewery and see my art on the wall!  It is such a great feeling that was a mix of self-pride, humility, and gratitude – so much gratitude.

Jen at Goat Patch puts up work from different artists every month.  She solicits artists at the end of the year (she’s looking right now for 2022) and then hangs the art at her own expense and asks for no commission; it’s a true work of devotion that comes from a desire to help local artists.  I’ve got to say, she has an eye for art, you can see below how masterfully she arranged and hung my pieces.  I’m so grateful for her support and the opportunity she provided me this month.

Shannon from Goat Patch helped me arrange an open house/meet the artist night on November 8 which was a blast.  We had over forty guests show up just for the event plus others that came through the brewery during the night.  The highlight of the night was raffling off the first version of the bee sculpture (see below.) We took donations in trade for a raffle ticket and the winner selected a charity to make a donation toward.  Our winner, a veteran, chose to donate the $90 we collected to the Wounded Warrior Project.  Thank you to everyone that came out and donated to this worthy cause and thank you to Shannon for helping me put on this event.

I cannot express gratitude without including my wife and partner, Carrie.  Not only is she my biggest fan and supporter, but also gave of her own very valuable time to help me create labels, fliers, and other materials for this show and was my right-hand woman at the open house (and IS my right-hand woman every other day!)  Thank you, my love.

My art will come down tomorrow, but I will be at the brewery again on Saturday, 12/4 for the Christmas Market, between 11 am and 3 pm.  Come out and see me and check out the other local vendors that will be there selling the products of their craft and, of course, enjoy a great Goat Patch brew.  Thank you to Averee at Goat Patch for organizing this event and for inviting me to be a part of it.

I’m so proud of my work and humbled by those who have purchased it or expressed how much they’ve enjoyed my art.  It has been a dream come true to see my art displayed for the public.  I’m excited to announce that I will be showing again in January in another brewery, the Grateful Gnome (4369 Stuart St) in north Denver.  My art will go up the weekend of January 7 and be up through the month.  I hope you can come in and check out the brewery and my art.

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2 thoughts on “Show Time – Epilogue

  1. There are few things as good as selling pieces that you’ve laboured over. Knowing that each pieces is going where it will be appreciated is slightly better. I wish you every success and many years of creativity.


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