Today’s Job


I’m normally not a procrastinator.  When there is something that needs to be done, I dive in and work hard until the job’s done, but I’ve been putting off a job all summer.  It’s something I know must be done, I know I can do it, and I know it will be well worth theContinue reading “Procrastination”


I’m wrapping up a couple of projects at Lorenzen Customs, one of which is a set of custom wooden planter boxes.  I’ve been enjoying this work and it has put my grandpa Lorenzen on my mind (more than usual).  When I was a kid, one of my favorite things to do was go to grandpaContinue reading “Legacy”

Working for a Living

There is pride in finishing a job that is well done.  I love it when a project comes out and it’s better than expected, cooler than anticipated, and exceeds original aspirations.  I also love the satisfaction of closing the deal, getting handed some money upon completion of a commission, and the feeling that comes whenContinue reading “Working for a Living”

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