Ace in the hole

I took another commission a couple of weeks ago, this time from a co-worker who also competes in professional poker tournaments.  He saw some cool wall art at a bar and sent me a picture, “can you do something like this?”  You know I took it on!  He wants the king and ace of spades with a cowboy theme from some cards he has, so I drew up a design. 

I cut out the king on Tuesday and it is awesome! I tried to incorporate the traditional style found on most playing cards and added the cowboy profile he was interested in.

The ace was cool, but I messed up the “A” in the corner.  He looked at it and we talked about the problem. I offered the options of using the existing part or I could modify the design and re-cut it.  He was satisfied with the suggested fix, but I was not.  I’ll be re-cutting a second version next week (pictures to follow).

Every king needs his queen, so I’m designing a queen to match. I’m anxious to get her digitized and cut out; I think it will make a great addition and a cool trio of cards.

I’m new to operating a business, but I’m finding I’m very particular about the work I put out.  It represents me and I want to be shown the best light; I take great pride in my work.  It will cost me time and money, but in the end, a high-quality product will leave me with happy customers and great advertisements for my business.

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Designing and fabricating amazing custom furniture and art. Artist, welder, fabricator, husband, dad, and teacher.

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