Going Jurassic

It’s been a busy February and March at Lorenzen Customs.  I’ve been designing and fabricating a railing for my father-in-law, a Stegosaurus wind vane, and (FINALLY) putting the finishing touches on the Ace and King of Spades playing cards.  It’s super exciting to see things getting finished and, most importantly, the big smiles on customers’Continue reading “Going Jurassic”

Going Worldwide

My wife, Carina Bissett, approached me about a month ago about a project idea.  She has a friend who is about to release a new book (more about that later) and wanted to celebrate her friend’s accomplishment with a piece of art.  Carina showed me a picture of the book cover (see below) along withContinue reading “Going Worldwide”

Job #1

Job #1 is to connect with you, potential customers! I thought I’d start out by letting you know a little bit about me, the Lorenzen behind Lorenzen Customs.  I grew up working with my hands.  My dad was a mechanic and a farmer, as was his dad and my mom’s dad, too.  Grandpa Lorenzen hadContinue reading “Job #1”