Going Worldwide

My wife, Carina Bissett, approached me about a month ago about a project idea.  She has a friend who is about to release a new book (more about that later) and wanted to celebrate her friend’s accomplishment with a piece of art.  Carina showed me a picture of the book cover (see below) along withContinue reading “Going Worldwide”

What the f*ck!

I’ll admit it, I curse – especially when things don’t go my way.  Failure and disappointment are common in the shop and in the world of creativity.  Not only is it tough when I am doing something for the first time, because often I’m learning by trail and error, but it’s also tough as anContinue reading “What the f*ck!”

Job #1

Job #1 is to connect with you, potential customers! I thought I’d start out by letting you know a little bit about me, the Lorenzen behind Lorenzen Customs.  I grew up working with my hands.  My dad was a mechanic and a farmer, as was his dad and my mom’s dad, too.  Grandpa Lorenzen hadContinue reading “Job #1”