2023 Update

April, 2023

Spring is knocking on the door here in the Colorado Rockies, seventy degrees one day and inches of snow the next; summer is coming, though!  It’s been a busy spring at Lorenzen Customs, two different projects were commissioned and sent to Arizona and art has appeared at three different locations in Colorado Springs.

Two big pieces were commissioned for family and friends in Arizona.  A 30” x 30” sign inspired by a national forest service sign was first.  Painting continues to be my biggest challenge and that was no different on this project!  It all came together in the end and a beautiful sign was mailed out.

The second project was for my best friend’s birthday. He and his wife have a tear-drop camper they love to pull all over the west; they call it the “wobbly box”.  The commission was to make a multi-layered piece with back lighting.  The challenge with projects like this is the painting and then welding painted pieces without destroying the paint.  I think there are ten coats of paint on that sign!  It turned out great and somehow made it to Arizona unscathed!  (It’s huge, 50” x 30”)

Project commissions continue to come in and evolve. I’ve really enjoyed the challenges they have brought and I’m proud of the results I have been getting.

Speaking of painting, I’ve teamed up with a professional painter, Tyler King, and he’s put down some amazing color on a few of my pieces.  This all started after I met Michael at Steel Pan PnP in Colorado Springs.  This cool bar hangs art at no commission for local artists and he agreed to hang some of my art.  Tyler also has some projects hanging there and Michael suggested a collaboration.  Tyler is an absolute pro and really showed his creativity on “The Deal”.  You can check it all out at 402 S. Nevada Ave. in Colorado Springs.

Art has been hanging and moving all around Colorado Springs this winter and spring.  Thanks to the collaboration at Steel Pan PnP, I was connected to Lightspeed Curations (306 S. 25th St, Colorado Springs) and shared a show with several different photographers for the month of March in their space.  It was (as always) so cool to see my work hanging on a gallery wall.  On opening night, I met two gentlemen, Doug and Peter, who produce a podcast called “Third Chair” (YouTube @thethirdchair9603) and did an interview with them. It will be released this summer, I’ll keep you updated.  Doug invited me to do and extended interview which will be recorded tomorrow (4/24)!

I can’t express enough how amazing the art community in Colorado Springs has been.  As you can tell, one thing has led to another thanks to people like Michael, Shiny, Tyler, and Peter and Doug at 3rd Chair.  I’m super excited for summer and the opportunities it will bring.

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Designing and fabricating amazing custom furniture and art. Artist, welder, fabricator, husband, dad, and teacher.

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