Investing in Myself

March was a busy month at Lorenzen Customs with four projects leaving the shop.  I have no new commissions, so I’ve been busy working on some pieces for a future promotion.  I haven’t told many people about this yet, but I have an art show in November at Goat Patch Brewery ( which is here in Colorado Springs.  The amazing people over there put up art from local artists every month for no charge or commission on sales.  The do it simply to provide wall space for aspiring creative minds and to cultivate a community of like-minded folks and I LOVE it!

So, until the next job comes in, I’m working on some cool stuff that I can hang in November.  I hope to have many of the pieces you see on my web page ( under the “Existing Designs” tab and some new stuff, too.  I’m working on a mountain bike version of the bicycle sculpture that I completed this winter (which is finally heading to Iowa later this month). 

I’m also working on a new and improved version of the bee sculpture and a set of three wild west themed playing cards (I’m adding the queen to the set). 

I’ve been looking for inspiration, too.  I would love to hear your ideas and design something custom for your home or for a loved one.  Check out the web site ( and take a look at the cool stuff pictured there. What can I build for you?

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Designing and fabricating amazing custom furniture and art. Artist, welder, fabricator, husband, dad, and teacher.

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