Creative Process

I love taking someone’s idea, passion, or image and turning it into a unique piece of art or furniture. I get inspired most easily when someone tells, shows, or otherwise describes something they love. I really like to make people smile, and my designs are one of my favorite ways to do that.

I’m currently working on a project–a sculpture–for an old friend. She saw my web page and contacted me saying, “I’ve been looking for some bike art for five years!” She sent me an image of something she was interested in, and that’s all it took. A few hours later, I had a sketch. A few days later, I was cutting steel.

I’m finding out I really love making sculptures. You may have seen my Colorado/bike frame clock sculpture on my web page. This was my first large-scale piece. This one was inspired by my son, who is a fantastic artist, when we sat down one evening to sketch together. I didn’t know what to draw, so I started creating an abstract work around a Southwest theme. I love the Southwest, and I love to cycle, so the original drawing was a cactus intertwined with a bike frame, over time, it evolved into the art you now see. I love it; it reflects me and fits perfectly into our décor.

Today, I had to create a tool to make the handle bar for the bike. This is the other thing I love about the creative process. Sometimes, I have to build something in order to build something! This is part of the challenge and the joy of creating. I had a problem and created a solution. How cool is that?

This is the tool I created to bend the pipe for the handle-bar. It clamps in a vise and allowed me to heat and bend the pipe. Below is the result and the model I used. Wait until you see it on the sculpture!

The bike sculpture is developing quickly. All the parts are cut and the major welding is done. I’ll be doing some painting next and then the final assembly. I can’t wait to share this piece with it’s owner and with you. It’s going to be so cool!

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