Job #1

Job #1 is to connect with you, potential customers! I thought I’d start out by letting you know a little bit about me, the Lorenzen behind Lorenzen Customs. 

I grew up working with my hands.  My dad was a mechanic and a farmer, as was his dad and my mom’s dad, too.  Grandpa Lorenzen had a woodshop in his basement and was the first to put tools in my hands.  We would make all kinds of little doodads and trinkets and he made amazing furniture.  As I grew older, I developed an interest in machines, specifically, engines and cars.  My dad repaired tractors as a side job on the farm, and it was common to have a tractor engine torn down or a tractor split in half in our shop.  I spent many a winter day handing him tools, holding the light, and learning about the working parts of the machines he was repairing.

It wasn’t until high school that I learned to weld, and I also took a welding class at Iowa State University, where I was preparing to become an agriculture teacher.  Once I graduated, I began a career of teaching teenagers, including instruction on how to weld, how to work with wood, and how engines and machines worked.

Life led me to Colorado, and after a twelve-year hiatus from teaching in a shop, I took a job as a metals and welding teacher.  At about the same time, I purchased a home that was a fixer-upper.  As a result of these two events, I rediscovered my love of design and fabrication.  Over the last eight years, I have purchased and renovated three different homes, and most of the projects featured on my website are pieces from those homes.

I’m really excited to jump into this business; it’s something I’ve wanted to do for a while.  I love the process of designing as much as I love to fabricate.  I love the challenge of creating something that must meet a specific function or fit a certain space.  I’m excited to become part of your personal space, and I’ll be honored to build something special for you!

Published by Lorenzen Customs

Designing and fabricating amazing custom furniture and art. Artist, welder, fabricator, husband, dad, and teacher.

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